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Arthunkal Perunnal

Arthunkal St. Andrew's Church at Alappuzha is one of the revered churches in Kerala. St. Sebastian’s perunnal is celebrated in the church for eleven days every year. Another minor feast is celebrated on the 8th day after the perunnal, which is known as Ettamperunnal.

Bharanamganam Perunnal

St. Mary's Church, Bharanamganam at Kottayam is one of the oldest churches in Kerala. The annual festival of this church is the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, celebrated in November and the Feast of St. Sebastian in January.


Christmas is the birth day of Jesus Christ. Most members of the Roman Catholic Church and followers of Protestantism celebrate Christmas on December 25. Many celebrate Christmas on the evening of December 24. Members of the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrate Christmas on January 6, when they celebrate Epiphany, a commemoration of the baptism of Jesus. Christmas is based on the story of Jesus’ birth as described in the Gospel according to Matthew and Luke. Roman Catholics first celebrated Christmas in 336 A.D. The word Christmas appeared in the English language around 1050 A.D as Christes maesse, meaning “festival of Christ.” Scholars believe the frequently used shortened form of Christmas (’Xmas) might have come into use from 13th century. The ‘X’ stands for the Greek letter chi, an abbreviation of Khristos (Christ), and also represents the cross on which Jesus was crucified. In Kerala, Christmas is celebrated as one of the most significant and spectacular of festivals. No other celebration is so enriched with so many customs and ceremonies. Houses are decorated with Christmas Star, Christmas tree etc. Christmas Carol is an indispensable part of the celebration. Visit of Christmas Father, presentation of Christmas cakes and other gifts to the friends and relatives also take place. Christmas is widely observed as a secular festival.


Easter is the annual festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the principal feast of the Christian year. It is celebrated on a Sunday on varying dates between March 22 and April 25. Easter is the oldest Christian festival, as old as Christianity itself. According to the New Testament, Christ was crucified on Friday and then resurrected on the third day. Thus, the Easter festival commemorates this auspicious moment. There are four distinct periods in connection with the observance of Easter. Lent, the forty preparatory penitential days; Holy Week including the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Octave of Easter; and the paschal season or Easter time extending over forty more days. On Maundy Thursday the Last Supper was held in the evening. Jesus Christ did the washing of the feet of disciples. Good Friday is a day of grief. Holy Saturday is a day of mourning and wailing. By ten at night a big candle is hallowed in the churches indicating the resurrection. Time of rejoicing that recalls the disciples' discovery that Jesus was alive, and that he had been resurrected; many churches keep a vigil throughout Saturday night so that they can greet Easter Day with services and family meals etc.

Edappally Perunal

The Edappally church (near Eranakulam) perunnal begins in April with High Mass, prayers and invocations of priests.

Edathua Perunnal

The St. George's church at Edathua in Alappuzha District is famous for the perunnal of St. George celebrated every year in April-May. The golden statue of St. George is positioned on the dais at the centre of the cathedral on Perunnal days. Everyday there shall be processions in connection with the perunnal. On the first and concluding days there will be glittering fireworks, which attracts many devotees.

Good Friday

Good Friday is celebrated on the Friday immediately preceding Easter to commemorate the Christ's crucifixion. The name Good Friday is believed to be a corruption of God's Friday. Since the time of the early church, the day has been dedicated to penance, fasting, and prayers.

Koratty Perunnal

Koratty Muthy's Church near Chalakudy is an ancient church of Kerala. Koratty Muthy's festival celebrated in October is the most important festival of the church.

Malayattoor Perunnal

Malayattoor, near Kalady in Ernakulam district, is an important pilgrim centre of Christians. Legend says that St.Thomas established the church at the top of Malayattoor hills and it is one of the seven churches that he established. The Church has a statue of St. Thomas and an impression of his feet on the rock. The hilltop is known as Kurisumudy, which is two km away from the valley. Perunnal (church festival) is celebrated on the Sunday that falls after Easter. Pilgrims not only from Kerala but from the neighboring states also visit the Malayattoor Kurisumudi Church. Pilgrims carrying holy crosses used to mount the hill chanting Ponninkurissu Muthappa – Ponmala kayattom kadinamen muthappa (Oh Lord, we are mounting the holy hill, though it is difficult).

Maraman Convention

Maraman Convention

Maramon situated on the banks of the river Pampa, near Tiruvalla, has been recognized as one of the centres of Christian culture. Maramon is the birth place of Palakkunnathu Abraham, who devoted his life for the reformations of the Syrian Church of Kerala. Maraman Convention is the largest evangelical meet in Asia. It is held during February-March. Bible classes and evangelical discourses take place in the Convention that lasts for eight days. Bishops, Cardinals, Evangelists not only from India but from foreign countries also participate in the Convention and deliver lectures and discourses. The Maramon Convention exemplifies co-operation and unification of various sections of Church in Kerala and promotes ecumenical outlook. The convention is a source of spiritual inspiration and enlightenment.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday, is observed before Easter to commemorate Jesus Christ's Last Supper. The name Maundy is derived from mandatum (commandment), the first word of the anthem sung in the liturgical ceremony on that day. The ceremony of washing of feet of 12 people to commemorate Christ's washing of his disciples' feet is observed as a part of the ceremony.

Niranam Festival

Niranam church is one of the churches established by St.Thomas in 53 AD. The main religious festival is that of the Holy Mother on August 15. The birthday of St. Mary is celebrated on a grand scale in September. The feast of St. Thomas is celebrated in July.

Osana Perunnal

Osana Perunnal is observed to commemorate the reception of Jesus by the people of Jerusalem. They carried tender leaves of palm tree and sung Hossanah, which means, “Oh Lord, save us”. In Kerala, Christians celebrate the festival on the Sunday previous to Easter. It is also known as Kuruthola Perunnal as the participants of the festival carry tender leaves of coconut palm.

Vettukad Festival

Vettukad Church is one of the famous churches in Thiruvananthapuram. The Vettukad church perunnal is celebrated in November for ten days with a Holy Mass and ceremonial flag hoisting. Thousands of devotees participate in the Holy Mass and the procession carrying the statue Christ. On the tenth day there will be a procession that goes round the entire parish. There will be holy mass, discourses and Eucharistic procession.