Born on January 9, 1817 at Thalassery. Father: Chandu Nair. Mother: Chittezhath Parvathy Amma. Full Name is Oyyarathu Chandu Menon. O.Chandu Menon is the founder of Malayalam novel cult. He was the author of the Malayalam novel "Indu Lekha", which is termed as the first of its kind having specific standards. Indulekha was a strong critique of the existing social situation of the time. Through the novel, he criticised the conservatism of Namboothiri community, the feudal system and the Sambandham system of marriage, which was prevailing at that time. The second novel of Chandu Menon, Sarada, published in 1892, was an incomplete one due to his death, which was completed by several other authors. He was the Sub Judge of Malabar. He passed away on 7th September 1899.


Born in 1895 at Chembai village near Palakkad town. Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar was the king who ruled the kingdom of music for about 70 long years without any rival. Chembai was a genius and an authority of Carnatic music. Several musicians like veteran playback singer Sri. K.J. Yesudas are his disciples. He was the President of Madras Music Academy for several years. Chembai was an ardent devotee of Guruvayoorappan (Lord Sri Krishna of Guruvayoor temple). One day while he was performing a music concert at Guruvayur he developed certain problems to his voice and he could not continue the concert. Chembai then decided to spend the rest of his life in front of Guruvayuoorappan and he started his silent meditation at Guruvayoor. Vaidyamatom Namboothiri, a famous ayruveda physician who accidentally met Chembai at Guruvayoor, treated and recovered from his illness. Chembai believed that it was none other than the Lord Guruvayoorappan who sent Vaidyamatom Namboothiri to him. Chembai, who regained his voice conducted musical concert in front of Guruvayoorappan. Still Chembai Musical Concert is being conducted at Guruvayoor at Ekadashy. He departed us in October 1974.



Born on September 15, 1891. Father: Chinnaswamy Pillai. Mother:Nagammal. Chembakaraman Pillai was a revolutionary who fought for the independence of Inidia. While studying in high school classes he was inspired by the national movement and left India with the help of a German spy and reached Italy. There he continued his studies and obtained Ph.D. in Politics and Economics. He formed an organisation named International Pro-Indian Committee to fight against British supremacy. During the World War I he joined German Navy. He was the Vice-Captain of Emden, a sub-marine, which was a nightmare to the allied forces. He established a temporary Indian Government at Kabul with Raja Mahendra Singh as President. In 1919 he formed an organisation called 'League of Oppressed Nations'. After I World War, he tried to improve relationship between India and Germany. Dr Pillai had close friendship with Adolf Hitler. Later the relationship between them deteriorated. It is believed that Dr.Pillai was administered slow poison by Nazis and on May 20, 1934 he expired in a Prussian hospital. After two decades his holy ashes were brought to India and immersed at Cape Commerin.


Cherussery Namboothiiri is believed to have been lived between 1375 and 1475 AD. He was born in Kaanathoor village in Kolathunadu in Kannur District. Cherussery is the name of his ancestral home. Historians believe that he is the Punathil Sankaran Namboothiri. It is believed that Cherussry was a court poet of Udayavarma Raja of Kolathunadu. His masterpiece is Krishna Gadha. Cherussery is the designer of the Gaadha style of poetry in Malayalam. Krishna Gadha is the first Mahaakaavyam of Malayalam. Krishna Gadha is also considered as a landmark in the development of Malayalam literature. Krishna Gatha, describes the story of Lord Krishna based on the Srimad Bhaagavatham. Cherussry was inspired by a lullaby sung by a mother and he followed the same pattern for the composition of Krishna Gadha. Some scholars opined that he also wrote Cherussery Bhaaratham.


Born in Dhanu 1059 (ME). Father: Velayudahan Pillai. Mother: Kalyani Amma. A devoted mother who spent her days for the welfare of the society, for the uplift of women and provide shelter to the poor. She rendered selfless sacrifices for the freedom of women and for their educational progress. She was the Assistant Inspector for Schools. It was she who established the Mahilamandiram at Thiruvananthapuram. She passed away on 12 Midhunam 1106 (ME) (1931).


Born on July 27, 1963 at Thiruvananthapuram. Father: Krishnan Nair. Mother: Santhakumari. K.S. Chitra is the one and only play back singer who has emerged as the beloved of the whole South India. She has also made successful ventures into Hindi films. Veteren Music Director (Late) Sri. M G Radhakrishman introduced Chitra to Malayalam film music field. She had sung and recorded more than 12000 songs in various languages, more than 4000 non-film songs and released a few pop albums. She won many state and Central awards for the best female play back singer. Government of India awarded her Padmasree and she happens to be the first South Indian female singer being conferred Padmasree. She also won Kalaimani title from the Tamil Nadu Government. She also won National Excellenc Award of Limca Book of Records, IMMIES award and Film Fare award. She performed concert programmes all over India and many foreign countries. She is the first Indian singer who performed concert in the British Parliament (House of Commons).