Born in 1912. Father: Unnickakam Vettil K.G.Velupillai. Sri.V.Gangadharan was a veteran freedom fighter. He was the Manager and Editor of Malayala Rajyam daily/weekly. He was elected as a member of Travancore Legislative Assembly from Quilon-Kottarakkara constituency and became the Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly. He visited Russia, Checkoslovakia, Finland etc. He became the General Secretary of Nair Service Society after Mannam relinquished charge. Important works: "Indian Parliament", "Gramaswaraj".


Born on October 8, 1908 at Poonjar. Godavarma Raja was a Colonol in the Travancore State Force. Col Godavarma Raja was the lifeblood of Kerala sports. He was the President of All India Tennis Association, Vice-President of International Aero Club Federation, All India Aquatic Federation, President of All India Cricket Control Board, Kerala Flying Club, Kerala Football Association and patron of a large number of sports clubs and associations. He was also the President of Tourism Promotion Council of Kerala. He was the main architect in developing Kovalam as an international tourist spot. He died in a helicopter accident near Kulu Valley on April 30, 1971.


Born on 10 May 1902. Father: Padmanabha Kurup. Mother: Lekshmy Kunjamma. Vennikkulam Gopala Kurup was a great poet and follower of great poet, Vallathol. His poems depicted the vision of the spiritual divinity and fragrance. He translated Subramania Bharathi's work from Tamil to Malayalam. He won Sahithya Academy Award for his contributions. His important works are Kama surabhi, Swarna sadhya, Swarajya geetha. He was awarded D.Lit. by the Kanpur University. He passed away on 20 August 1980.



Born in July 1904 at Kannur. Father: Rairu Nambiar. A.K.Gopalan, known as AKG was a national leader. AKG was a great man loved and respected by people belonging to different walks of life. He was one of the leaders of freedom movement. He joined Congress in 1927. He led Hunger Jatha against Madres Government in 1937. He was subjected to imprisonment for 16 years. Later he became one of the prominent leaders of the Communist Party of India. He stood with the Communist Party of India (Marxist) when party was separated. AKG was the Member of Parliament from 1952 to 1977 and was the Leader of Opposition in Parliament for several years. He was the volunteer captain of Guruvayoor Sathyagraha. He led innumerable struggles against Central Government as well as State Government for getting the just and legitimate rights of the public protected. He always stood for the uplift of poor and down trodden of the society. He passed away on March 21, 1977.


Born in 1919. Father: K.A. Raman. Mother: Parvathi. K.R.Gouri is one of the senior most political leaders of Kerala who has marked her foot prints in the political history of the state. She is the only politician who has completed 50 years as a legislator in Kerala Assembly. She graduated from Maharajas College, Ernakulam and obtained law degree from Law College, Ernakulam.. She started her public life through trade union and peasant movements. She became an active worker of the Communist party and was soon elevated to its leadership. Being an unrelenting supporter who stood with the poor people, she participated in numerous agitations and imprisoned for several years. She suffered lot of physical and mental torture in her jail days, but such torments did not dissuade her from her social and political activities. She has contested in 16 elections held from the year 1948 to 2006 (1948 to 1954 to the Travancore Legislative Assembly and from 1957 to 2006 to the Kerala Legislative Assembly) and won 13 of them. She lost in the elections held on 1948, 1977 and 2006. She became Revenue Minister in the first EMS ministry in 1957. She was also a member of cabinet in the second EMS ministry (1967), Nayanar ministry (1987), A.K.Antony ministry (2001) and Oommen Chandy ministry (2004). Consequent on the split of Communist party in 1964, she stood along with the CPI (M); while her husband, T.V.Thomas, stood with the CPI. The ideological dispute in politics reflected in their personal life also which ultimately led to their separation. In 1994 KR Gouri was expelled from CPI (M) on charges of anti-party activities. Subsequently, she formed a new political party named Janadhipathya Samrakshana Samithi. (JSS)


Born on 23 December 1906. Father: Krishna Kurup. Mother: Kunhikutty Amma. Idasseri is poet who uses rustic images beautifully in his works. His younger days were of poverty and hence he was constrained to accept the job of an Advocate's Clerk. Idasseri started writing poems at the early age of twelve. One of his best works is Poothappaattu, which connects the strange and the ordinary with finesse and loveliness. His other important works are Bimbisarante Idayan, Orupidi Nellikka, Kavile Pattu. He won Kerala Sahitya Academy Award in 1969 and 1970. He passed away on 14 October 1974.


Born in 1919 at Ponnani (Malappuram District) M. Govindan was a post-communist thinker and writer - an illustrious poet and short story writer (stories like Sarppom, Raniyde Patti are famous).


Born on 22 August 1919 at Kayamkulam. Father: P. Sankara Pillai. Mother: Sankari Amma. Professor S.Guptan Nair is a person worthy of worship among the men of letters of today. He is a renowned literary critic, notable teacher, famous orator and blessed writer. He possessed an extraordinary ability to speak fluently on any subject. He excelled in classical music and in playing table tennis too. He won several awards for literature criticism. He started his career as Lecturer. He was the Editor of Grandhalokam, a journal published by the Kerala Government and the editor of Malayali. Prof.Guptan Nair won the Ezhuthachan award instituted by the Government of Kerala. He passed away on February 6, 2006.


Born in 1883. Father: Thoppil Parameswaran Pillai. Mother: Parvathy Amma. Guru Chengannur Raman Pillai was a great preceptor of Kath Kali dance form and a king without crown in Kath Kali Empire who shined in the field for more than six decades. He taught many students to perform Kath Kali dance and won several awards. He passed away in 1980



Born on 24 July 1908. Father: Sankara Pillai. Mother: Madhaviamma. Guru Gopinath propagated the special features of Kath Kali though out Kerala and made this art form more shining and lively. He was a talented dancer and Kath Kali artist. He established Viswakalakendram in Thiruvananthapuram. Famous dancers and cine artists Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini were his disciples. He won the award of Sangeetha Nataka Academy. He was a talented writer also. His important works are Classical Dance, Kathakali Natanam, Abhinayamkuram, Abhinaya Prakashika. He passed away on 9 October 1987.


Born in 1881. Guru Kunchukkurup was one of the renowned Kathakali artists. He excelled himself as a performer and as a teacher, who adorned the status of a'Guru' in the field of Kath Kali. He served as a teacher in Kerala Kalamandalam for several years. He was fortunate to be the 'Guru' of dancers and actors who won national and international laurels including Smt. Mrinalini Sarabai, the internationally renowned dancer. He won medal from the President of India. He was well versed in both the schools (southern and northern) of Kathakali. Government of India honoured him by awarding Padmabhooshan. He was a great performer of almost all types of Kath kali characters like Paccha, Kathi and Minukku. The most famous character performed by him was Nala. Mahaabali, Ravana, Keechaka and Arjuna were some of the famous characters performed by him. He passed away in 1973.