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1964 OCTOBER 09

(Image: Flag of Kerala Congress)

Kerala Congress formed.Kerala Congress is the only regional political in the state. Consequent on the difference of opinion with the Congress leadership, a political crisis was precipitated in which resulted in the formation of a dissident group within the party. Later this group supported a no-confidence motion against the ruling Congress government moved by opposition that resulted in the resignation of the government. The dissident group consisting of 15 members of the Assembly formed a new party known as Kerala Congress.


1966 OCTOBER 17

(Image: Justice Meher Chand Mahajan)

Central Government appointed Mahajan Commission to redress the boundary disputes between Kerala and Mysore (present Karnataka) states.


1969 OCTOBER 24


(Image: EMS with ministers and members of staff)

EMS Ministry resigned.E.M.Sankaran Namboodirippad (EMS) became the Chief Minister of Kerala for the second time in 1967 as the leader of a seven-party coalition including the Muslim League. Consequent on the resignation of the ministers belonging to C.P.I., Muslim League, RSP and KSP, EMS resigned on 24th October, 1969.



1970 OCTOBER 04

[Image: Chief Miniser C.Achutha Menon (centre) with his cabinet collegues]

C.Achutha Menon Ministry sworn in.

Consequent on the resignation of the second EMS ministry on October 24 1969, an eight-member cabinet headed by C.Achutha Menon was formed in November 1969. The ruling alliance consisted of the CPI, the KSP, the Muslim League, the R.S.P. and the Kerala Congress. However, the Legislative Assembly was dissolved on 26th June, 1970 on the advice of the Chief Minister who tendered the resignation of his council of ministers on 1st August 1970. Elections were held in September, 1970. The partners of the ruling front now included Indian National Congress, CPI, RSP, Muslim League and  Praja Socialist Party and won with a clear majority in the Assembly. Thus, the second ministry headed by C.Achutha Menon was formed on 4th October, 1970. The Indian National Congress supported the front Government from outside, but later joined in 1971. 


1974 OCTOBER 06

V.K.Krishna Menon passed away.

V.K.Krishna Menon was a famous diplomat who surpassed the rulers of the world.    He was a great orator with unequal eloquence and a brave son of Kerala who upheld the dignity of the nation among the world leaders.  An active participant of freedom movement, he became the secretary of India League in 1932. Menon was one of the greatest Defense Ministers that India has ever seen.


1974 OCTOBER 16

Chembai Vaidyanadha Bhagavathar passed away.

Chembai was a Carnatic music maestro who was noted for his majestic voice. It was he who popularized compositions like Rakshamam, Pavana Guru etc. Prominent singers like Jaya Vijaya, K.J.Jesudas, P.Leela,T.V.Gopalakrishnan were his disciples. Many music festivals in his honour are held after his death. Chembai Sangeetholsavam (Music Festival) is prominent among them.


1974 OCTOBER 16

Idassery Govindan Nair passed away.

Idasseri was a prominent poet and dramatist. His major works are Kavile Pattu, Koottukrishi, Poothappttu, Puthen Kalavum Arivalum etc.

1975 OCTOBER 07

(Image: Women agricultural labourers at work)

Agriculture Labour Act came into force

1975 OCTOBER 27

(Image: Statue of Vayalar Rama Varma at Thiruvananthapuram)

Vayalar Rama Varma passed away. Vayalar was a modern poet and lyricist who wrote more than 2000 songs for about 200 Malayalam films. He won awards for best lyricist in the year 1969, 1972. 1974 and 1975. His works include Paadamudrakal,  Konthayum Poonoolum, Enikku Maranamilla, Mulankaadu, Oru Judas Janikkunnu, Ente Maattolikkavithakal, Sargasangeetham, Aayisha Ente Chalachitragaanangal (6 parts) etc.


1976 OCTOBER 28

Cherukad Govinda Pisharadi passed away.

Cherukad was a novelist, playwright poet and a political leader who associated with the Communist movement of Kerala. His major works are Manninte Maaril, Bhooprabhu, Maranapathram, Sanidasa, Devalokam,  Manushyane Maanikkuka, Anthappuram, Methaapp, Aradhana, Thiramala, Snehabandhangal, Manushyahridayanga, Kutti Thampuran, Vaalnakshatram, Visuddha Nuna, Chittu Vilakku etc.

1977 OCTOBER 23

A.K.Antony elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly from Kazhakoottam constituency in the bi-election.

When K.Karunakaran had to resign from the post of Chief Minister on April 25th, 1977, A.K.Antony who was not a member in the state legislative assembly, was chosen in his place. Since he had to be elected to the legislative assembly within six months from the date of assumption in accordance with statutory provision, a bi-election was held on October 22 and Antony won with a significant majority.

1977 OCTOBER 25

Joseph Mundassery passed away.

Mundassery was a renowned literary critic and politician. Mundassery is remembered as the Education Minister of the first Communist Government of Kerala who is the mastermind behind the famous Education Bill. He was the Vice-Chancellor of the Cochin University of Science & Technology.

1978 OCTOBER 26

[Image: Chief Minister A.K.Antony (sitting 3rd from left) with his cabinet colleagues]

A.K.Antony resigned due to the favourable decision towards Indira Gandhi by the Congress Parliamentary Board regarding Chickmanglore bi-election.


1978 OCTOBER 29

[Image: Chief Minister P.K.Vasudevan Nair (sitting 3rd from left) with his colleagues]

9th Kerala Ministry came into existence under the leadership of P.K. Vasudevan Nair of CPI. He resigned to facilitate the formation of Left Democratic Front in the state.


1979 OCTOBER 12

[Image: Chief Minister CH Muhammed Koya (standing 3rd from right) with his cabinet ministers]

CH Muhammed Koya Ministry sworn in

1981 OCTOBER 20

E.K.Nayanar resigned from the post of Chief Minister.

Nayanar government was formed on January 25, 1980 with the support of Congress (A) and Kerala Congress.  But both the parties left the government to join United Democratic Front and the Government was dissolved. K.R.Gouri, M.K.Krishnan, T.K.Ramakrishnan, E.Chandrasekharan Nair, P.S.Srinivasan, A.Subb Rao, Aryadan Muhammed, P.C.Chacko, Vakkam Purushothaman,  A.C.Shanmugha Das, Bay John, R.S.Unni, Lonappan Nambadan, K.M.Mani, R..Balakrishna Pillai, P.M.Abubacker were his cabinet colleagues.

1982 OCTOBER 15

P.Ramachandran appointed as Governor.

Ramachandran was a veteran Congress leader and freedom fighter. Later he Jjopned Janatha Party and became a Cabinet Minister for Energy in the Morarji Desai Government

1983 OCTOBER 26

(Image: Administrative Block of Mahatma Gandhi University)

Mahatma Gandhi University (old name Gandhiji University) was formally inaugurated by President of India.  

M.G. University was established on 2nd October 1983. It is one of the affiliating universities of Kerala. The headquarters of the University is at Kottayam. It has jurisdiction over Kottayam, Ernakulam, Idukki and parts of Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts.


1989 OCTOBER 05

Justice Fatima Beevi became the first women Judge in the Supreme Court of India.

Born at Pathanamthitta, Fatima Beevi was appointed as the Munsiff in the Kerala Sub-ordinate Judicial Services in May, 1958.  She became permanent Judge of the High Court on 14 May 1984. Her appointment to the Supreme Court over several senior judges was a political decision by Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India following the controversy over the Muslim Women's (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act. She later went on to become Governor of Tamil Nadu on 25 January 1997.

1989 OCTOBER 12

N.V.Krishna Warriar passed away.

N.V.Krishna Warrier was a freedom fighter, poet, and editor. He was the editor of Mathrubhumi for a long time. Warrier was the founder Drector of Kerala Bhasha Institute. He was also the editor of Kumkumam group of publications for some time. His major works are Enveeyude Kavithakal, Budhacharitham Attakatha, Kalotsavam, Neenda Kavithakal, Vidyapathi. Amerikkayiloode, Unarunna Uthara India etc, He won Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award and Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award for the year 1970.

1989 OCTOBER 15
Alappuzha – Ernakulam railway line inaugurated by Madhavarao Sindhya, the Union Minister for Railways.
1995 OCTOBER 28

P.Sivasankar has been appointed as the Governor of Kerala.

Prior to his appointment as the Governor of Kerala Sivasankar served as the Union Minister for External Affairs and Law in the Congress ministries led by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. He had also served as the Governor of Sikkim.

1997 OCTOBER 09

(Image: Sivagiri Mutt)

Government took over the administration of Sivagiri Mutt. Sivagiri is a pilgrimage centre at Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram district where sage Sree Narayana Guru's tomb is located here attracts thousands of devotees used to visit Sivagiri every year during pilgrimage days in December- January. Due to power struggle between two groups of Sanysis, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) Government decided to formally take over the administration of the institution. An ordinance was also issued by the Government placing the Mutt under the control of the administrator for two years.

1999 OCTOBER 14

Kakkad Hydro-electric Project inaugurated by E.K.Nayanar, Chief Minister.

Kakkad Hydroelectric Power Plant is located at Seethathode in Pathanamthitta district.  It is owned and operated by Kerala State Electricity Board. The 50 megawatt Kakkad hydro-electric project was conceived to meet the acute power shortage of Pathanamthitta district.

2000 OCTOBER 20

(Image: Illicit liquor confiscated by the police)

Liquor tragedy at Kalluvathukkal in Kollam district. The liquor tragedy claimed 41 lives.

2001 OCTOBER 08

Mullamangalath Raman Bhattathirippad (M.R.B.) passed away.

MRB was a social reformer, cultural leader and littereaturate.  He joined Yogakshema Sabha that took measures for social reformations from self imposed bondages and shackles of Brahmin community of Kerala. When widow marriage was considered as forbidden, he boldly married one. He won awards from Kerala Sahityhya Academy and Sangeetha Nadaka Academy.

2001 OCTOBER 09

Sankaradi passed away.

Sankarady (birth name Chandrasekhara Menon) was an actor and comedian of Malayalam films who had more than 700 Malayalam films at his credit. He dominated as a comedian along with Adoor Bhasi and Bahadur during 1960s to 1980s. Later he acted several character roles also.

2006 OCTOBER 19

Srividya passed away.

Srividya was a leading film actress who acted in several Malayalam and Tamil films during 1970s to 2000s. She was a good singer also. She won Kerala State Film Awards for best actress.

2008 OCTOBER 12

Pope Benedict XVI announced canonization of Sr.Alphonsa.

Born as Anna Muttathupadath, she took the name Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception in 1928. She was a teacher at Vazhappally and she died on 28th July 1946 due to prolonged illness. Soon after her death claims of her miraculous intervention began and in 1985 Pope John Paul II formally approved a miracle attributed to her intervention.

2010 OCTOBER 23

(Image: Polling personnel verifying election materials) 

Elections to the Local Self Governments (Panchayats, Municipalities) held


2012 OCTOBER 28

[Image: Sasi Tharur (left) and Kodikunnil Suresh (right)]

Sasi Tharur and Kodikunnil Suresh (both are Members of Parliament from Kerala) inducted to the Union Cabinet as State Ministers. They were given the charge of Human Resources Department and Labour respectively.  With their induction, the number of Union Cabinet Ministers from Kerala raised to eight.

2018 OCTOBER 02
Celebrated violinist and music director Balabhaskar died consequent on an accident occurred on 25th September 2018
2019 OCTOBER 15

Results of by-elections held in 5 legislative assembly segments – Manjeswar, Eranakulam, Aroor, Konni and Vattiyoorkkavu – have been declared. Manjewsar, Ernakulam and Aroor seats have been won by the candidates belonging to United Democratic Front led by Congress. Left Democratic Front candidates won the seats of Konni and Vattiyoorkavu.

2020 OCTOBER 2

Sree Narayana Guru Open University dedicated to the nation by the Chief Minister of Kerala in a function held at Kollam.Sreenarayanaguru Open University the first Open University in Kerala established by the Government. The University consisting of Regional Centres and Study Centres has jurisdiction on the whole state of Kerala. Now, it is the only university in Kerala to offer distance education courses. The University’s headquarters is at Kureepuzha in Kollam. The University was established by an 45th Ordinance of 2020 promulgated on 25th  September 2020.

2020 OCTOBER 7

Farmers’ Welfare Fund Board came into existence. The Kerala Government has decided to set up 'Kerala Farmers Welfare Fund Board' for the welfare of farmers in the state. According to the Farmer Welfare Board Act, a farmer is an owner, licensee, sole proprietor, oral tenant, government land leaseholder, who owns not less than 5 cents and more than 15 acres of land, with an annual income of less than Rs 5 lakh and main means of livelihood should be farming for minimum three years.

2020 OCTOBER 15

Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri passed away. He was 94. Popularly known as Akkitham, he was a renowned poet and essayist. He was the recipient of India’s highest literary honour, the Jnanpith Award in 2019. He also won Padma Sri, Ezhuthachan Awar, Kendra Sahithya Academi Award, Kerala Sahithya Academi Award, Vallathol Award, Odakkuzhal Award, Vayalar Award, Asar Prize and ONV Literay Award. His major works include Irupatham Noottandinte thihasam, Bali Darsanam, Samavarthanam, Sagara Sangeetham, Samavayathinte Aakasan and Nimisha Kshetram. 

2021 October 01

Former Chief Secretary, satirist and writer-columnist, C. Parameswaran Nair, popularly known as C.P. Nair, passed away at the age of 81. He was the son of famous litterateur N.P.Chellappan Nair. Known for his administrative capabilities, sharp wit and humorous writing style, he was very much active in the socio-cultural and literary fields of the state. He held significant posts like district collector, home secretary, labour secretary and Commissioner of Travancore Devaswom Board during his decades-long service as civil servant. He also served as the member of the Administrative Reforms. He had written a number of books including “Thakil”, “Uganda Malayalam”, “Lankayil Oru Maruthi” “Irukalimoottakal” “Enthoro Mahanubhavulu” etc. and won the Kerala Sahithya Akademi award.

2021 October 06

Renowned cartoonist C.J.Yesudasan, popularly known as Yesudasan, passed away. He was 83. Known for his political cartoons he had been active in the field for almost six decades. He was the founding chairman of Kerala Cartoon Academy.  He started his career in a local magazine at Kottayam and later he worked in Janayugam, Sanker’s weekly and Malayalam Manorama. He also worked in certain private publications also. He also launched satire magazines like Asadhu, Tik-Tik etc. It was he who wrote the screen play and dialogues of famous satire film “Panchavadippalam” and “Ente Ponnu Thamburan’. He won the award for best cartoonist of the Government of Kerala many times. He also bagged Swadesabhimani Award, BM Gafur Award, PK Manthri awar etc.  Indian Institute of Cartoonists honoured him by awarding Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001.

2021 October 11

Nedumudi Venu, (K.Venugopal) one of Malayalam cinema’s most versatile character actors, passed away. He was 73. Venu has portrayed a wide range of characters that portrayed his histrionic skills in more than 500 films. Venu was also an accomplished percussionist and a folk song singer.  Nedumudi Venu began his career as a theatre artist with the plays of Kavalam Narayana Panicker. He made his debut in films with Thambu, directed by G Aravindan in 1978. Nedumudi Venu won three National Film Awards, and six Kerala State Film Awards for his performances. He also won State Television Award, Filmfare award, Asianet fim award apart from a number of other awards

2021 October 16

Heavy and unprecedented rains and series landslides shattered Kerala’s hilly tracts. Koottikkal, a village in Kottayam district and Kokkayar in Idukki district witnessed heavy landslide and caused deaths of about 50 persons and sustained heavy loss to properties